Exowst Scotland is an Avant-garde Metal band from Scotland.

The music is characterised by all the tracks titled as numbers.

Snow (Alan Emslie) is best known for his work as a baroque and classical musician (as well as with his other bands Plastic Noose and Soft Monster) and his eclectic music style blends metal, ambient, progressive, dance & orchestral textures. Exowst Scotland records almost entirely live in single takes, without editing, to capture the raw electric vibe of live performance.

Exowst Scotland are releasing one track each month in 2022.
You can stream & download all Exowst Scotland music from all the usual places.


Instrumentation in 2022 in order of track release date.

1789 – Gamelan Gongs/Orchestral & Suspended Gongs/Burma Bells/Bass Drums/ 6 String Electric Guitar & Voice. (14th January 2022)

22222 – Bechstein Piano/Orchestral Gong/Orchestral Cymbals/Bass Drum/Weird Sound Effects/Synthesizer/8 String Electric Guitar & Vocals. (22nd February 2022)

1001001 – Synthesizer & 8 String Electric Guitar (31st March 2022)

45 – Synthesizer, 8 String Electric Guitar, Drums, Cymbals, Tubular Bells & Vocals (30th April 2022)

1889 – Synthesizer & one Zildjian Cymbal (25th May 2022)

1000000000000066600000000000001 – Synthesizer, 8 String Electric Guitar, Drums & Cymbals (28th June 2022)

23 – Synthesizer & vocals

33 – Synthesizer, Drums, 8 String Electric Guitar & Vocals

299792458 – Synthesizer, Drums, Percussion, 8 String Electric Guitar & Vocals